Thursday, August 31, 2017


You spend thousands getting a state of the art website with links to Twitter, Facebook and other social media. Sitting back, everyone tells you how great your website looks and comments on its design.

However ...

Weeks drag on ... turning into months and your content dries out looking like a cheap supermarket paint job on a street cafe.

What am I saying? Business owners, marketing managers and even webmasters neglect the most basic facet of any marketing campaign. It's what's inside that counts and not what's on top.

Does your website, Facebook or Pinterest page have up to date, relevant content? It's probably the last thing you consider on a Friday afternoon and you switch off the office lights, lock the door and leave for home - cheerfully thinking that you will get to it in the next week.

Let me help you with this. It's what I do. Honest, clean and accurate content.

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