Thursday, September 15, 2011


Clients often get it confused.

Worse, they end up paying for advertising space for advertorial where a well written editorial could do the trick.

In a nutshell, advertorial is paid-for editorial that could normally be substituted with a full advertisement. According to classic media rules, advertorial is meant to be indicated as such by mean of the printing of "Advertorial Feature" or words to that effect, or by placing in a line box.

Advertorial is written to make a hard sell, with the brand featuring prominently in the top paragraph or nearest. It is sometimes possible to insert logos and product photos. the control basically lies with the client but the style may be modified by editors to suit the publication's editorial style and rules.

Editorial needs to be "clean". Well written editorials that comply with the publication's editorial policies and are short and to the point may well be published verbatim. Expect no more than one mention of a brand or company name - and most often only an incidental mention, not near the top. Editorial needs to stress a problem or highlight and issue and then make news about its impact or solution. Editorial may often be rewritten or shortened by the publication concerned - and almost certainly the header will be changed.

The emphasis with good editorial is to write it as news - in which your product or service plays a supportive role.

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