Monday, February 24, 2014


What is really interesting about digital marketing today is the growth of published nonsense. With very few controls in place, advertisers are able to say just what they want to about their products without being challenged. Even more alarming is the lightweight nature of the new wave of digital marketing specialists. I'm not talking about slim people here! I'm referring to a genre of people who can't spell or compose sentence properly. 'Specialists' who  compose marketing bylines on the cellphone while on the subway and who use free images off the internet to promote their clients'services.

If you are serious about your brand and serious about the truth, then look very carefully before you ditch conventional brand promotional campaigns in favour of  digital.

Energy|MC manages integrated campaigns on behalf of serious clients who want to use all channels to get their message across. Our photograhy and copy is real, not stolen from some competitor's site. Take a look at what we have done for Eco-Insulation - at

The words on the Eco-Insulation main website are ours, too. See

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