Friday, November 25, 2011


Energy MC offers a fully integrated service - across the advertising media, public relations (media) and online communications resources. See as an example of an expert technical blogging service for clients. My current area of expertise is B2B, technology, business commercial and pecialist industries.

It is important for business to realise that editorial needs to be independent from advertising. There are few agencies that offer the integrated service that this freelance one does. Clients generally do not pay for the advertising management service, since these costs are recovered from arrangements that Energy MC has in place with the various B2B or tech magazine publishers, whom we represent.

Editorial - consisting of copywriting (words) and professional photography is charged independently on a completely different fee basis.

Clients are free to enter into the full service, consisting of 3 legs of editorial, advertising and online, or engage only one or the other individual service.

This is a highly effective freelance service.

I have many satisified clients .Call me for details. 072 905 0252 (leave message).



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