Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Are you spending your marketing resources wisely? Do you have any marketing media spend at all?

It seems that the world economy has not yet recovered from the 2008 crash. Money is in short supply! From a marketing perspective that is potentially bad, since I often get asked by clients how they should optimize their shrinking marketing resources, or even do away with marketing expense altogether.

The very worst thing you should do is stop communicating to your market. It takes years and money to build some equity in your brand. Reckless or short term decisions can throw that all away, effectively writing off your valuable advertising and other marketing spend of previous years.

The City of London created ceramic poppies to remember the 100th year anniversary if WW1. Photo by

Brands are very much like the poppies. Here today, gone tomorrow, at least in the minds of the customer.

So here are ENERGY|MC's suggestions for marketing 2015:

Content - you need more than ever to develop your marketing message. What is it you are selling or providing? To whom and where? And what makes it unique?  You need to have mind some brand stories - case histories if you like - that tell the client just what it is that you can do to help them.

1. Digital marketing. This is the best free resource of all, but meaningless if you don't have a coherent, sensible package of information that you want to send out to your prospects. By digital marketing, I include social media, especially.

2. Avoid spamming. At all costs. As an editor, I receive spam emails sent using free packages such as Mailchimp and others. They are an irritation and largely meaningless. Always ask for permission to send and do not base your email messages on images alone. Most email packages do not download images automatically so your nicely formatted newsletter comes out looking drab.

3. Editorial - and opinion pieces. As an editor of a business to business magazine, I like these. Especially if they are customized to my magazine by someone who has taken the trouble to find out what the focus of my magazine is. Editorial is published free in the print media, as long as it meets certain conditions.

Hint however: Editorial should be professionally prepared!

4. Targeted paid advertising. Repeat, repeat, repeat - in the same space!
Paid advertising is not always as expensive as it seems, since often the agency fee paid by the publisher covers the expenses of the administration and a basic level of desktop publishing by the agent.

5. Calls to action. This happens when you make the customer an offer online or in print, or your sales people make the call.

It sounds great doesn't it? If you are ready for me information or for a no holds barred free telephonic consultation, please give my office a call 0 2 1  6 8 0 5 2 4 5 to set up a time with my friendly receptionist.