Thursday, August 18, 2011


If you, like me, have been amazed and deeply concerned by the sabre-rattling and divisive rhetoric in South Africa of recent month, you will probably read on.

I am deeply concerned by the growing number of reputations that lie in tatters these past months. Reputations that took years and indeed many lifetimes to build up.

Take the Africa National Congress for starters. Their constant 'jaw-jaw', abuse of media opportunities and total lack of proactivity in the running of clean, accountable and efficient government have left their reputation in tatters. Few international countries, excepting the pariah states of the world would want to invest in our country under such conditions.

Take big business next. How in the world can business leaders justify their enormous salaries? With everybody behaving as if South Africa was their personal fiefdom, how can we ever set an example for the workers to follow? Now perhaps we can understand why people overturn refuse bins and destroy property in their frustration. I challenge the leaders of the big retail chains to live on a minimum wage of R 4000 per month, pay other expenses and then shop for sustainable food items in their own stores !!

The real problem is that South Africa has no - and never has had - any strategic plan. The concept of a Rainbow Nation as projected by our beloved founder, Nelson Mandela, becomes a vicious lie when each corner of society and the economy behaves the way it is doing.

Is their a lesson for marketing? There certainly is. The time has come for long term thinking and getting everyone on the same side. That means making realistic, deliverable promises.

And getting it right. First time, on time and every time.

Aluta continua.

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